Our Competencies

As a company delivering high-quality products, we continuously dedicate ourselves to optimizing and refining our processes. Thanks to these improvements, we have developed various expertise areas. Below, you'll find an overview of our core competencies.
Quality is our top priority, both in our products and in our relationships...
Extensive Production Range
Our machinery is configured to machine a wide range of materials and components...
We focus on creating more complex CNC turning and CNC milling products...


  • Turning

    We employ advanced technology to precision-machine intricate cylindrical components with finesse. Our turning operations can run 24/7, supported by continuous bar feeding and automated rota racks. We specialize in manufacturing turned parts ranging in dimensions from Ø3 to Ø300, all within a range starting from 1 mm and extending up to 1000 mm. Quality is paramount, whether you require 25 pieces or 100,000 pieces.

  • Milling

    Our milling department features five 3-axis milling machines, two of which have a fourth axis. Additionally, there are three 5-axis milling machines, each equipped with a BMO Robot cell. One of these cells is equipped with pallet and product handling and is linked to the first 5-axis machine, where we predominantly manufacture aluminum products. The other two 5-axis machines are linked to another BMO Cell, allowing only product handling. These machines primarily mill in brass, steel, and stainless steel. We produce parts in various dimensions and materials, offering a wide range of possibilities for different sectors. We can mill from 5x5x5 up to lengths of 800 mm. We can achieve production tolerances as tight as 0.1.

  • Finishing and Assembly

    We offer the option to assemble parts into a complete product after machining. We pay special attention to details and aim for the highest quality according to your specific requirements. The end result is products ready for use or further integration into your process.

  • Quality Management

    Our commitment to excellence permeates all our activities. Through a rigorous quality management process, we ensure consistent performance. Our two climate-controlled measurement rooms allow us to measure all products in the same manner. Measurement room one comprises a Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex V9106 CNC CMM, with a range of 900x1000x600mm, and a measuring projector. Measurement room two consists of a Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 574 CNC CMM, with a range of 500x700x400mm, a TESA Scan 25, and a measuring projector. Through continuous process improvements, we continue to meet the high demands of our customers.

  • Additional Services

    In addition to the above services, we also offer laser engraving, stamping, pressing, and in-house cleaning of products.